First, this is not one-on-one coaching.  If you are interested in one-on-one coaching, click here.

The members only group will include monthly:

1. Workout Plans (including strength training and cardio recommendation)

  • The workout plans will be bodyweight, dumbbells, and bands focused. Programs can be easily be adjusted for the gym and using barbells or machines. Periodically, I may drop in a bonus specialization program.
  • There will be a 3 and 4 day workout options
  • Cardio recommendations will include ways to move more to burn more calories
  • Exercise for improving mobility

2. Nutrition Guidelines

  • The nutrition guidelines will give you the tools to set your own calories based on your goals.
  • I will introduce you to new dieting strategies like carb cycling, calorie cycling, intermittent fasting and how to implement them.

3. Yummy Macro Friendly Recipes

  • Because I am a Macros Nutrition Coach, I will provide 3 macro friendly recipes that will support your goals. These recipes will tend to be higher in protein, moderate carbs and low fat options.

4. Access to Members Only Facebook Page

  • The Members only Facebook Page is your platform for getting extra support and accountability.
  • Share your wins, struggles and support with other members.

5. Weekly Facebook Live Q & A’s Sessions

  • Every week on Friday at 12 AZ Time.
  • These will be recorded and available to view on the Facebook page.
  • The Q & A’s are your opportunity to ask any questions you have about fitness and nutrition. Share your wins and struggles.

This is a monthly membership program. Every month you will receive new materials to continue to help support your goals.

This members only membership program is a paid monthly subscription for $30 per month. 

Ready to get started? Submit your payment here and let’s get started!

Members Only MED3 Fitness Inner Circle